Monday, July 21, 2008

Venting of Frustrations....

Ok, so I have been waiting all summer to recieve my Financial Aid statement from EKU. I called today and after being transferred between no less than 6 offices, found out that my statement was e-mailed to an my EKU email. I wasn't aware I even had and EKU email, or even that all this important documentation was being sent there. So now I am waiting on my username to be activated to see what kind of hoops I have to jump through to get some money for school! Ugh! Also someone inputted my social security number wrong so now I have to fill out some paperwork and present them with proof of what my real number is. Great, just what I want to do when I start school in less than a month.

Work has been normal. And by normal I mean it sucks. Most people that know me well, relieze I am NOT a customer service kind of person. I don't like the small talk, I don't like the interaction, and most of the time I really don't give a crap when you are unhappy, or want to go the extra mile to fix it. This is why I chose a vocation where I can sit in a nice quiet by my self, and only occasionally have to deal with people.
My frustrations with customers are also magnified with all the stupid things they do. Most don't see whats right in front of their face. Everything in the ice cream is clearly labeled with its flavor, and yet noone thinks to actually read the labels and instead asks me a millon question. Not to mention the fact that the number of mispronounciations of the names is countless. Lemon Chi-fen? No thats Chiffon. Jamacha Almond Fudge? no thats JaMOcha. And yes there is nuts in it. Do even get me started on my inability to understand the eubonics people speak in half the time....

I would like to post script this with things I do like about my job, just to show I am not a total grump. Little kids who come in and pick out flavors by color are adorable. Elderly couples who come in once a week on dates, also adorable. My regulars who get excited that I can remember what they normally get, make me feel smart. Also that fact that I get to eat ice cream everyday, but that was evidenced by the fact I have gained 5 pounds this summer. Oh, and paychecks are nice too.

I have a ton of pictures of things I have knit, and of the three boys to upload, I just can't seem to find my camera cord. But as soon as I find it, there will be lots of pictures, let me promise you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can't find the words....

Wow. Its hard to believe that its been over a week since Konrad was killed. Konrad is my older (step) brother. He was killed late Saturday night in a hit and run accident. I personally believe that the girl who hit him was drunk, since she waited over 24 hours to turn herself in, even after they found her rental car abandoned.
I guess I knew I really needed to write about this, I have just not been able to concentrate enough to do it until today. Last week I went to work to distract myself a little, and pretty much cried or slept otherwise. Friday my aunts and I drove down to Knoxville TN to meet my stepmom Darcy and my Dad for Konrads funeral. It was actually a really nice funeral. A ton of his friends from school came and spoke. I coupled ageed to send me pictures via facebook so I can give them to Darcy. Darcy seemed to be taking everything ok, but she said she was just so tired from crying she couldn't physically cry anymore. Even my dad took it hard.
It was hard to leave Knoxville after the service Saturday. Eventually Darcy kicked us out and sent us on our way. My aunts made a surprise stop and drove me around Richmond KY on our way back, since that is where my new school is. I hadn't been there yet so it was nice to see the campus. They are building a brand new science center, so that is exciting. It was reassuring to see that while campus was bigger than LSSU, its not huge, so it won't be too much of a change for me. There is also a National City in Richmond, so I won't have to switch banks, which is a blessing.