Friday, April 30, 2010

Wii Party!

My friend Tamila's in town for a few days, so we decided to get people together to hang out who missed her. I brought my Wii to the Wesley Foundation and we've been having a lot of fun.
Thats Tamila and Caroline playing Wii Winter Olympics. Right now they're trying to do the figure skating and it's so funny.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The end is near.

By 5pm tomorrow, my semester is over! I'm so ready to have sometime to relax. I still have a lot to do this summer, in order for my thesis to get written, but it won't be as bad as my workload this semester.
I can't wait to have time to actually relax and do fun things like read, play video games or knit.
Speaking of knitting, this is what I've been working on lately.
It might be hard to tell, but its a doll. Its one of those dolls where you slip the skirt over and another doll is hiding underneath. I just have the body and one skirt done so far. Its been very slow going since I've been working on school stuff, but I'm excited each time I finish a piece.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Half a Year Later

So Saturday marks 6 months that Adam and I have been dating. Its definitely been a great time so far. We've had some rough patches, but luckily we got through them well. He's pretty much the best boyfriend that exists. Thoughtful, caring, and not to mention we basically live parrallel lives. I think we decided the perfect date is us sitting at separate TV's in the same room playing separate video games. Though he has bought come co-op games for us to start playing on the same TV. :-P
Well, since it was an anniversary of sorts, Adam got me a few things. (Even thought I told him this was a no gift holiday.) A tin of mints thats shaped like a Hyrulian Shield, a Science cookbook, and this:
Yes folks, thats the Linux Penguin.

Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blogging again

So I'm horrible at remembering this blog. I've decided I want to take a picture a day. It'll probably be something random taken with my cell phone. Just a little something to let everybody know whats going on in my (exciting) life.

So today my picture is Adam's little sister playing my new Wii Fit! I've been looking for one since Christmas. Darcy gave me a $50 giftcard to Gamestop, so I knew I had half the money I needed for it. All the Gamestop's have been sold out of them and I haven't been able to find one. But we went into shop on Sunday to look for a game Adam wanted, and they had one! I whipped out my credit card right then. Its been so much fun playing with it. I think I spent two hours playing games on Sunday, my legs were so sore afterwards.