Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Half a Year Later

So Saturday marks 6 months that Adam and I have been dating. Its definitely been a great time so far. We've had some rough patches, but luckily we got through them well. He's pretty much the best boyfriend that exists. Thoughtful, caring, and not to mention we basically live parrallel lives. I think we decided the perfect date is us sitting at separate TV's in the same room playing separate video games. Though he has bought come co-op games for us to start playing on the same TV. :-P
Well, since it was an anniversary of sorts, Adam got me a few things. (Even thought I told him this was a no gift holiday.) A tin of mints thats shaped like a Hyrulian Shield, a Science cookbook, and this:
Yes folks, thats the Linux Penguin.

Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

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