Saturday, November 17, 2007

GRE results!

Well, I took my test today. It went really well. I was pretty stressed out beforehand. I think I stalled my car 4 times on the way to the testing center. I got two good essay topics and was able to find a lot to write about on those. The Verbal and Quantitative parts were stressful, and I didn't think I did very well. But I got my multiple choice results back instantly (the essays will get scored later) and I got a 580 on the Verbal, and a 730 on the Quantitative (both out of 800) so that gave me a 1310 overall! Which is much better than I was expecting. Average on the test is about 1100, and I was really hoping for a 1200. But what I got was so much better!
Thanks everyone for all your prayers and support these past few weeks!

Monday, November 12, 2007

T minus 4 days

Well, I officially applied to grad school today. I sent in my application online, paid the $35 fee, and gave the paperwork to the registrar's to have my transcripts sent. I asked Al, Judy and Bill Ruhf to write my letters of recommendation. I figured that was a good spread; Al is my boss at admissions, Judy is my acamdemic advisor, and Bill was my main supervisor at the lab this summer. Bill seemed kinda excited to write me a letter, so I guess thats a good sign. I just need to ace my test this Saturday, and then hopefully everything else works out. At this point everything is out of my hands except for the test, so I am really focusing on that. I just pray that everything works out and this is what I am supposed to be doing.

In a lighter note, I am getting me hair cut next week! I am super excited. I am getting 10 inches cut off. I think I found a style that I like, but we will see what Tony thinks, and how much length I have after the 10 inches is off!

Friday, November 9, 2007

I am secluding myself in my room...

So nothing really interesting has happened this week. I had two tests, in Biochemistry and Criminalistics. I did ok on the Biochem one, and think I did well on the Criminalistics one. I have two more tests next week in school, another Criminalistics and a American Government one. Then next Saturday is the big one, my GRE test. I am scared, really scared. I need to do really well on this exam, or I don't get to go to graduate school. I am really scared to take it, and scared to apply to school, because I am afraid of being rejected. Forensic programs are so exclusive, and I am not really a top canidate. Also, today I just found out that someone I know from here is applying to the same school. So I don't know how many people they are going to be willing to take, especially from the same school. All I know is if he gets picked over me, I will be really disappointed, especially since I was the one who pointed this school out to him and Judy.
So, basically I am going to sit in my room this weekend and study for my GRE, and get my application stuff around.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baby Blanket

Finished this today. It is for my friend Amanda who will be having a baby next month. We are having a baby shower for her Wednesday, so I thought I would make this for her. It has a hole for a carseat or stroller strap, to keep the blanket in with the baby. This is probably my favorite thing to crochet.