Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy (belated) Birthday Recap

Ok, ok. Yes I know this is a week overdue.

Last Wednesday was my birthday. I'm the ripe old age of 25 now. The birthday itself was fairly un-eventful. My lovely boyfriend did drive down here to take me out to dinner though, which was nice. We went to Logan's and even convinced our waitress to bring me a free dessert. They didn't sing but she did yell Happy Birthday and Yeehaw or something. The cheesecake was totally worth it.
I got quite a few presents, mostly opened much before my birthday. My mom got me a new lunch pail from Tupperware with some matching lunch containers. Dad and Darcy gave me a new George Foreman. I has plates that you can take off and switch for other ones, so I can grill, and cook pizzas or quesadillas on it too, among many other things.
Adam gave me a few things for my birthday, but the big gift was this.

Its a pink pistol! I'm pretty excited about it. We took it out and shot it the day after he gave it to me. I definitely need more practice and to build up my strength, as its hard for me to shoot it still. (Which makes me feel like a weakling.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Recap Part #1

This past weekend was very busy, but it was busy with fun things so it was worth all the hustle.
The first event that happened this weekend was the Crick Family Fall Party. I've been told this is a yearly occurrence. We spent a good portion of Friday night getting lights strung up and the yard and shop set up for the party. Then Saturday morning was more party decorating, chili making, finishing up with a nap for me Saturday afternoon.
Guests started coming at about 6pm. There was a DJ set up in the yard too and lots of dancing occured. Yes including the Chicken Dance.

There was a ton of food there too. Lots of desserts, drinks, hot dogs and chili. There was a chili cook-off contest so many families brought a crock-pot of chili with them. I made a pot of my vegetarian chili and entered it. I didn't think many people would like it, but I actually won the cook-off. I got a fuzzy new blanket as my prize.

The chili is actually really easy to make. I'm going to include the recipe for any who might be interested.
Elizabeth's (Prize-Winning) Vegetarian Chili
1 can Chili beans
1 can black beans (drained)
1 can Mexicali corn (drained)
1 can refried beans
1 small jar of salsa
1 can (or equivalent amount) of broth

Mix all ingredients together into a crock-pot and heat. Serve with Frito's and cheese.

See its easy. You can make it non-vegetarian by using chicken broth and adding some cut up cooked chicken to the pot.