Friday, February 29, 2008

Exciting News!!

I am at work, so I have to make this quick, but I wanted everyone to know: I GOT A JOB!! In Hawaii too! I will be working for the Army on their base there, doing drug screenings. I just got the letter today making it official, so now I just have to fill out my paperwork and take a drug screening and I get to move to Hawaii!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Little Bee

I have had a busy couple of weeks, so unfortunetly this has not gotten updated as it should have. My senior project data is due this Friday, so I have been busy getting that done. I am very very close, hopefully everything will go well tomorrow and I will be done. Cross your fingers. I also have four tests this week. It seems like my professors all plan test to fall at the same time, so I have to cram them all in instead of having plenty of time to prepare.
I have been getting a little bit of knitting done. I have been doing the most knitting done during class time. I just finished a hat for my friend Andy the other day in Criminology. (FYI worst class EVER) It fit him really well, and he liked it, so that was good. It got some yarn out of my stash. I have been working really hard not to buy any yarn or craft supplies and just using what I have, so that I have less to move in May. Also, I just don't have the extra money lately to buy all that stuff. I bought groceries Saturday, and actually felt really guilty about it. But seriously, I need food, and if I have to eat one more processed cafeteria meal it will probably turn me into a preservative.
I have also been working on this cute little yellow shrug lately. I want to get it done in time for Spring Break. I get to travel with our Admissions department around MI and tell students about LSSU. It should be fun. I am looking forward to a relatively relaxing week, just traveling, letting other people drive, pay for my meals, getting some serious knitting time in the car.
I have also been trying to unravel this pink sweater I got from Goodwill about a month ago. I am unraveling it and am going to reuse the yarn to make something new. I have a really pretty sweater picked out. I want to get all the yarn ready so I can take that project to work on in the car next week. I have a really cool tutorial to rip sweaters apart to use the yarn I will have to post next time, plus some of the pictures of the sweater as I work on it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Deanna:

I took these Christmas Eve too.

He was just being so cute playing by himself and with Heath I couldn't help it.

PS. Jeff is Jeff Erb. He went to Delton, and he is also the RA of my dorm.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back in the snowglobe...

Well, we had an exciting weekend. Jeff and I decided it was high time to come home. LSSU was also playing Western in hockey, so this past weekend seemed a good choice. (We tied Friday and won Saturday- thank you very much) The hockey game was fun, although Western's fans are very- mouthy. They are not nice, at all. I am really against booing and making fun of players during games, but especially if you are going to make fun of players pronounce their names right. (Western fans need to learn to read, seriously)
Saturday I got to spend the whole day with my family. It was nice to be home. The baby was not as excited to see me as to see my purse and cell phone, which are his favorite toys. Saturday night Mom, Grandma, Sara, and I went to Salvation Army. I got a ton of things. I got three sweaters for $.50 each, a really cute army style jacket for $5, a winter coat for $2, and some cute coffee mugs. It was so much fun. Sunday we stayed home from church and had waffles for breakfast. I was supposed to come back to the Soo that day, but I-75 and the Mackinac bridge were closed, so we waited until Monday. But we got back safely, and I had classes today.
Which gets me to my next story.... Somebody threw away my senior project. I will give you a moment for that to sink in. This is my project that I have to design, evaluate, and perform by myself. It is a requirement for graduation. All my data from my samples are due at the end of February. Somebody threw it out. Over the weekend I guess they thought the lab wasn't clean enough. I am MAD. I yelled in a classroom full of people. I called my mom and yelled to her in the hallway. I left nasty notes in the lab. Luckily, I still had a stash of the pills I was working on locked in a drawer, so I could start over. But this is a crazy set back that I really don't need at this point.
Ok, on to some pictures....
Here are my socks, I finally finished the first one, and turned the heel of the second one in the car on the way back to school. Hopefully they will be done soon because I can't wait to wear them.

This is one I took of Heath this weekend:

He loves hats. I had made this hat for a friend, and so I made him wear it to get pictures. I don't think he minded much though.

And just because everybody else's blog has pictures of Seth, I thought I would too.

I took that in the nursery on Christmas Eve. I just thought it was cute how they were playing together.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Quick Update.

Yes I am still alive. Sorry I haven't called Mom.

Things are pretty busy here at school. All my data for my Senior Project is due at the end of the month. So that deadline looming is pretty stressful, not to mention that I have four test this Thursday and Friday. But Friday I get to come home(!) for the weekend, go to a hockey game, and see my family. I am super excited.
I have been knitting, I am still working on those socks. I have also started a little yellow shrug which should be super cute when its done. I got together all of my leftover acrylic that was in the same kinda color scheme, and I am going to be working on afghan squares with it, and will eventually have a blanket. I have actually been working a lot on that, because I can do that in class, or at a hockey game. Its also really mindless knitting, so its perfect for short break from studying and homework.
Alright, hopefully I will have a better post tomorrow with some pictures, but just wanted to pop in a let everybody know I was still here!