Monday, April 26, 2010

Blogging again

So I'm horrible at remembering this blog. I've decided I want to take a picture a day. It'll probably be something random taken with my cell phone. Just a little something to let everybody know whats going on in my (exciting) life.

So today my picture is Adam's little sister playing my new Wii Fit! I've been looking for one since Christmas. Darcy gave me a $50 giftcard to Gamestop, so I knew I had half the money I needed for it. All the Gamestop's have been sold out of them and I haven't been able to find one. But we went into shop on Sunday to look for a game Adam wanted, and they had one! I whipped out my credit card right then. Its been so much fun playing with it. I think I spent two hours playing games on Sunday, my legs were so sore afterwards.

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Miss Melville said...

I like this picture a day concept! My fam has a wii fit and they adore it. Love, HM.