Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Drama Llama rears his ugly head...

Yeah, its been a fun week. (not!) All sorts of stressful stuff is going on at home. And its just more stressful to me because I'm given a play by play, but its not like I'm there to actually do anything and make it better. But c'est la vie.
Luckily this is my last week teaching classes until September. I am so ready for a break. My students are really starting to get on my nerves. Its really frustrating when I know that all the information they need to answer their lab questions are in the lab notebook they have, and they still don't know whats going on. Or when they learn something in an experiment, but can't apply it to a real life question. Like since when did simple logic disappear?
I planted a letterbox yesterday and that was pretty exciting. I put it at the Wesley Foundation, and the stamp is a squirrel since Ken and the squirrels are mortal enemies! lol. Ken was not amused. I still think its awesome.

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