Monday, March 3, 2008

Night One of Vacation

Well this morning we left for our week of adventures. I am traveling with my work, Admissions, and we are presenting programs to students interested in LSSU. I presented a little about myself and what I am studying. Boy was I nervous, my hands were shaking really bad. But we got to talk to quite a few kids, and a couple are really excited about coming to the school. I am just excited to spend a week in hotels, and eating out while not paying for anything. Tonight after our presentation we went to dinner at Buffulo Wild Wings. Al (my boss) and I shared a plate of wings, and they were HOT! My lips are still on fire. Al and I ate only about half of what we order. I had a pulled-pork sandwhich though, which was delicious.
Well, I'm off to relax for a while, and get some sleep!

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