Saturday, September 15, 2007

One Week....

Wow. This has been.... a week. It had its ups and downs for sure. All in all it was pretty blah. I will try to re-cap as interesting as possible.
Tuesday sucked-period. My cat has been sick for a couple months, and my mom had to put her to sleep Tuesday morning. Unfortunetly I had to go to work, but ended up sobbing over the phone to my mom sitting at my desk. I just feel like a failure that Sam wouldn't get better. I know that she was sick and its wrong to make her suffer, but I really didn't want to have her put to sleep. Even now 5 days later, I am crying as I write this. I ended up texting my friend Charlie that afternoon and talked a little bit, he was at work but told me he would call later. Which segways into our next part.
He texted me and seemed odd, but I just figured he had started drinking already, and was being silly. We talked for about an hour like this and I was told he was gonna come get me to go out to the bar. Well it turned out I wasn't talking to Charlie and it was some random drunk guy. Which again caused a fit of crying. Then finally the real Charlie called and did take me out with him and the guys to kareoke night at the Savoy. Which I needed, it was silly and fun and a good distraction.
Thursday Devon and Dan-o came over and hung out at my place. A couple of their friends showed up to and we all sat around and talked etc. It was nice to have people over here. We then decided to go to the BD, since it was Thursday night and that is what college students in the Soo do. A group of guys that I know where there, and I went over to talk, and thet acted like they didn't know me! That hurt, bad. Especially since most of them complain over IM that I never visit etc. So that pretty much ruined my night, and even Charlie (tried) but couldn't fix it totally.
Yesterday was pretty blah since I had been up late, and I didn't feel very good anyway. But I did get to go to the Yarn store! I bought supplies to make Heath's sweater for his birthday present. He has this pretty blue/green/yellow pastel yarn and some just pastel yarn to go with it. It should be really cute. I also bought some red cotten yarn to make a pair of gloves for my aunt for Christmas. I really want to patronize Gloria's, because I love having a Local Yarn Store (LYS), but everything there is soo expensive, and they don't have any good sock yarn. Half of their stock is nasty fun fur and novelty yarn. I am acutally happier with what I buy at Wal-mart more often.
Last night Adam and I finally(!) got to hang out. We went to the Second City performance at the Arts Center. It was hilarious. They had a mix of improv and rehearsed skits. It was just a laugh. Student got in free too, which was even better. Afterwards Adam just came over and we got to hang out and talk, which was really nice. Him and I seem to be able to talk and not really run out of things to talk about. Which is rare. Hopefully he is coming over for dinner tonight, so I gotta get groceries around for that. He has been really busy working in Brimley with this lady who does dog sledding. So he might have to stay there tonight and take care of the dogs while she is gone. But cross your fingers for me that he doesn't.

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