Sunday, October 28, 2007

I can see the finish line....

No pictures tonight, but there will be finished product pictures tomorrow! I have just one sleeve to finish, then sewing to do, and they sweater is done done done! Whew, finally. Then I need to crochet a blanket for a baby shower, and then it is the infamous Christmas presents.
In non-knitting updates: Last night was a dress rehearsal of sorts for Halloween. We dressed up to go to the Hockey game, and it was fun. I am Snow White, for obvious reasons. I thought it turned out pretty good, and a few male friends of mine agreed. Some random girl thought I was Minnie Mouse, and I kinda just stared at her like she was retarded. I had an apple in my hand the whole night and everything, how is that Minnie Mouse? Whatever.
Today was homework, and knitting. So pretty uneventful. But now I am exhausted, so its bedtime!


Deanna said...

Ah HA! I found your secret blog. All this time you had a blog and didn't share... tsk, tsk, tsk. Now I can be your blog-stalker :)

By the way, I LOVE the layout!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks. Mom said she liked the layout also. I told her I would show her how to change hers when I got home for Thanksgiving.
I mainly use this to show off knitting projects, so I wanted to make sure it was free of Christmas presents before I let her into it!

April said...

Now you can't hide anymore! You can't keep a blog secret from us for long! Nice knitting...have you gotten into Ravelry yet??? If not, get on the waiting list-it's wonderful.